Rocco & George: The Dueling Fools, we are the two greatest swordsmen of our generation and we are ready to fight to the death for your entertainment. We bring dynamic and spirited swordplay matched with wicked wit and comedic charm. We have the ability to make you laugh; laugh like you’ve invented laughing and want to share your invention with others who have never laughed before. So come and see us, or better yet bring us to you, and experience all the swashing swordsmanship, amazing antics, and silly shenanigans we have to offer.


A Brief History

During England's 1570s both Rocco Bonetti, the Italian swordmaster, and the English swordmaster, Sir George Silver, lived as contemporaries. Both were believed by their fans to have the best skill with a blade; however, a duel never took place between them to determine who was the better. Throughout their entire lives a champion was left undeclared.
William Shakespeare helped keep their legacy alive by basing two of his characters off their epic stories. In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare created the poetic Mercutio in portrayal of George Silver, and established the fighting style of Tybalt, the butcher of a silk button, from Rocco Bonetti.